Pie Society

For the Pocketful of Chocolate girl, ending the year with a bang means ending the year with something delicious. And there’s nothing better than a warm apple pie, hot out of the oven, topped with cream, and shared around the family table. This is my go-to, fail-safe, drool-inducing apple pie, with a secret ingredient in the crust: gruyere.

About four and a half years ago, ABC launched “Pushing Daisies.” The show was set in a whimsical, fantastical world full of saturated colors, musical characters, and plenty of pie. Heaven, of course, for those of us who dream of pastries at night. The show was canceled, but I will never forget Charlotte Charles’ genius creation: apple pie with gruyere in the crust and homeopathic mood inhancers in the filling. Sadly, I’ve opted out of the latter, but I guarantee that the gruyere is enough to lift your spirits. It makes for a particularly flaky, rich crust—not too cheesy, but just savory enough to balance the sweetness of the apples. You can find the recipe at Rice and Spice.

I baked this pie for our Christmas dinner, topped with some homemade orange-flavored whipped cream (Alas, I had forgotten my electric mixer when I came home, which meant whisking the darn thing by hand until my arm nearly fell off). It was a hit, even with my toughest critic: my two-year-old cousin, Katherine. You can be sure that her big cousin is starting her culinary training early. She has already begun to develop an appreciation for Nutella—a girl after my own heart.


5 responses to “Pie Society

  1. This is awesome. Your pie crust looks so flaky and delicious and perfect! I once had a dark chocolate + fig pie with bleu cheese in the crust. It sounds so bizarre, but it was mindblowing.

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